Graphical User Interfaces for Embedded Systems,
Mobile Devices and Web Applications

equasys GmbH is an independent system development company creating concepts and software for embedded systems. These are the most important business activities of equasys GmbH:

  • Conceptual design, implementation and test of software for embedded systems
  • Design and implementation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for consumer electronics, industrial appliances, automotive or medical devices
  • Graphical user interface development tools (Embedded Wizard)
  • Image and video test files
  • Project management

equasys GmbH was founded in 2007 by Manfred Schweyer, based on the experience of 15 years within the areas conceptual design, software development and project management. These activities lead to a high awareness of system stability, product usability and software quality.
The company is located in Germering near Munich (Germany).

Please take a look around and read about the company:
A description of the company services and a list of used embedded platforms, operating systems and graphical interfaces are shown on the page Software Development.
The page User Interfaces describes the development of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and the GUI development tool 'Embedded Wizard'.
The page OpenGL ES 2.0 / WebGL contains some sample applications, which can be executed directly within your webbrowser, provided that your browser supports WebGL. A short explanation gives you an overview, which parts of the demo application are done by the CPU or by using the programmable vertex and fragment shaders of the hardware.
The page Test Collections provides a rough overview of the Image and Video Test Collections. These file collections consist of thousands of test files, helpful for developers and manufactures in order to verify the image or video quality of their products.
The area Technical Infos contains a lot of technical information and explanations about image and video processing, like color formats and color conversions, video formats, aspect ratio, standard resolutions, ...
To request additional information please use the Contact sheet. Other details of the company can be found on the Imprint page.