Image and Video Test Collections for Developers and Manufacturers

In order to create premium products and to reach a high-quality standard for any embedded system, a reproducible test with significant test cases is the precondition. Products which are handling with images or videos need to be tested accordingly with a set of test images and test video streams.
Even though there are millions of images and videos available in the internet, the determining factor is to have a set of useful, high-quality and well-documented test images or test videos.
The equasys "Image and Video Test Collections" provide a comprehensive and accurately prepared set of test data suitable for a wide range of test applications:

  • Test of Hardware Components - like display, graphics and video processor, scaler, video encoder, de-interlacer, motion-compensator, framerate converter, ...
  • Test of Software modules - like software decoder, image viewer, converter, ...
  • Test of Products - like monitors, projectors, TV sets, ...

The test collection is divided into two parts: the Image Test Collection and the Video Test Collection.
Please use the Contact sheet to request additional information or to ask for price and order information.

Image Test Collection

The Image Test Collection contains a set of test pattern and test images for all relevant Standard Resolutions from 128 x 128 pixel up to 2880 x 2048 pixel. All test pattern are prepared separately for each resolution - instead of simply rescaling them. Thus, a 1 pixel wide line is exactly 1 pixel in all resolutions.
Currently, the Image Test Collection contains more than 250 reference pattern and test images for 60 different resolutions - total more than 15000 files in PNG or JPG format. The single images are grouped together and can be downloaded separately for each desired resolution as ZIP archive.

Please visit the Image Download Area to get an overview of all available image sets or take a look on the page Supported Image Formats to see the different image parameters.

Video Test Collection

The Video Test Collection contains a set of different video test streams for all relevant PAL, NTSC and HDTV formats.
Each video sequence covers a certain test scenario (e.g. Classic Test Pattern, Scrolling Text, Frame Counter, Color Test Pattern, Moving Objects, ...) and is prepared separately for a wide range of Video Formats, video bitrates and video encodings.
Currently, each video sequence is available in 132 (!!!) different video formats:

  • 50 MPEG-2 formats
  • 52 H.264 formats
  • 10 WMV formats
  • 10 Flash(H.263) formats
  • 10 Flash(VP6) formats


Please visit the Video Download Area to get an overview of all provided video test scenarios or take a look on the page Supported Video Formats to inspect all details about the used video parameters.