Software Development

equasys GmbH provides many years of experience in conceptual design, implementation and test of software for embedded systems. Based on several projects with graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the development of the GUI tool 'Embedded Wizard' and the software development for many embedded platforms, a detailed knowledge has been build up - for example hardware-oriented low-level programming, implementation of efficient and highly optimized software components, adaptation of graphics driver or bring-up and working with different embedded platforms.
Within these projects, the following environments were used:

  • microcontroller architectures: x86, MIPS, ARM
  • embedded operating systems: embedded Linux, KeilOS, Nucleus, Windows CE, uItron
  • graphics APIs: DirectFB, DirectDraw, OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenGL ES 2.0, several proprietary graphics APIs or direct programming of the graphics accelerator (register level)

equasys GmbH offers you the following support for creating graphical user interfaces or developing software for embedded systems:

  • Consulting for conceptual design of GUI projects, e.g. selection of hardware, display resolution, operating system, development tools, test strategy, GUI structure and performance estimation
  • Implementation of GUI projects based on preceding conceptual phase or based on external specification
  • Hardware-oriented implementation and optimization of performance-critical software parts
  • Integration of GUI applications into system software
  • Porting of existing software modules
  • Test and maintenance of software, integration of change requests

The flexible way of working is intended especially for small engineering companies.